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Sebastian's Story

March, 2014 Archive

Mar 31


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It’s been two weeks (well, almost) so we have finally let Sebastian out into his room (empty of anything to jump on).  He is THRILLED! He hopped right out of the crate and walked a few laps around the room.  Then he rolled around on the floor for a while, in true Sebastian style. Even […]

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Mar 26

1+ Week

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Sebastian’s progress has been a little up and down, but it’s been more positive than negative. Over the weekend he was definitely in pain, though we didn’t immediately realize that was the issue and nearly panicked.  On Sunday he refused to eat or get out of bed.  Up until then he had no problem taking […]

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Mar 23

Sebastian is still doing pretty good.  His incision looks great, at least to my untrained eyes.  He’s eating, drinking, and even going #2 (that took a few days).  The vet gave him pain meds before he was released and said they would wear off in 3 days.  I think they have worn off because he […]

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Mar 21

It’s been 3 days since the surgery.  Sebastian is MUCH happier now.  He’s acting a lot like his usual self (still grumbly, but that’s normal).  I believed everyone that said he would physically get right back up, but emotionally?  I wasn’t so sure, especially given his tendency for freak outs. The vet said he would […]

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Mar 18

The surgery went well and Sebastian is home early.  He is doing OK so far. They were going to keep him in the hospital for 2-3 days, but they sent him home less than 24 hours later because he was so miserable.  They think he will recover better at home.  I also get the feeling […]

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Mar 17

Leaving for the surgery shortly.  Here’s the handsome man:

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Mar 16

Since the surgery isn’t until tomorrow, I am trying to keep busy. This is how I deal with things. Fortunately, there is a lot to do! The surgeon said that he doesn’t want Sebastian to be jumping AT ALL while his wound heals (3 weeks). This seems a little different from what other people have […]

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Mar 15

On Wednesday, March 12th, my fiance and I noticed our cat limping.  His shoulder looked very swollen.  We immediately got him in to see the vet, thinking he had hurt himself somehow.  We had no idea that less than an hour later we would be devastated with the news that our handsome, charming Sebastian has […]

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