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Sebastian's Story

June, 2014 Archive

Jun 17

It has been 3 months! Can you believe it!? I can’t. It’s crazy. Sebastian is…Sebastian!! Still the same ol kitty cat. Only, that’s not true. He’s BETTER! When I wrote about his 1 and 2 month ampuversaries I talked about how well Sebastian was doing with getting around the house and playing. What I didn’t […]

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Jun 07

I fully expected that when Arthas got home, Sebastian would flip out. He hates the vet. Hates, hates, hates!! Anything that smells like the vet, anything that looks like it could be remotely related to the vet. When Barney (the cutie pie in the banner up top) came home with a cone on, Sebastian hissed […]

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Jun 06

I mentioned earlier our dog Arthas was really sick. So for a little while I will interrupt Sebastian’s story to share his… He had to have emergency surgery today…sigh, what a rough few months. 2 cats with cancer – 1 skin cancer, 1 Sebastian, and now this. Arthas started getting sick Tuesday night / Wednesday […]

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Jun 05

Sebastian’s doggy brother is very sick and in the hospital today 🙁 If anyone will understand the pain and anxiety, it’s all of you. Fingers crossed and lots of well wishes from Sebastian (we’ll pretend he understands!).

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