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Sebastian's Story

A three legged, still shockingly handsome, black cat.

Sebastian's Story


Sebastian is a 9 year old black cat. I rescued him in 2008, when he was 1 or 2 years old, from a local shelter in Upstate New York. He’s a wonderful cat, full of personality, and he lived a mostly healthy life until March 2014. One day, out of the blue, he started limping and developed a large lump on his left shoulder. My fiance and I immediately took him to the vet where it was determined that the lump was a tumor. Less than a week later, his arm was amputated. The biopsy results revealed an osteochondrosarcoma. In other words – bone cancer plus cancer of the surrounding cartilage. It does not appear to have spread, but we can never be 100% certain. The good news is, Sebastian doesn’t know or care!

It was an emotional roller coaster for us but Sebastian got back to his old self in no time! My hope is that any other people who have to go through feline cancer and/or amputation can gain valuable knowledge and comfort by reading Sebastian’s blog and following his journey. It’s also a GREAT excuse to post lots of cute cat pictures!

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  • Debra McGrath

    Your information is very inspiring! My all black cat, Willow just had her surgery in early May and it was quite emotional for us. She had the same symptoms and cancer as your Sebastian did. She is doing so well, actually amazes us. And knowing your kitty is already past 3 years as a tri-paw gives us so much hope.

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