Vet Visit

Sebastian went to his first regular vet visit since his amputation today. It was his annual check up, vaccines, etc. He did AWESOME! A+ health report card and no one was hurt in the process. He does need to lose 2lbs. He actually weighs slightly more now than he did before his surgery…oops. We’ll get on that ASAP.

On the way to the vet and while there he still cried, hissed, and grumbled. Fortunately the vet tech sprayed the room with Feliway and it helped significantly. This was his 2nd trip to a doctor since his amputation (first time was the post-surgery check) and both times he has been a million times better than he used to be. Once he screamed so much at the vet that he was hoarse the next day (the vet visit was sad, the hoarse voice was HILARIOUS). So he did well this time, even letting us rub him and feed him treats while there. Good job, Sebastian!

The vet gave us some useful tips. He said to regularly check his lymph nodes for bumps – specifically around his neck and his back legs right where the leg meets his belly. He also said that even though his tumor was not a vaccine associated sarcoma, we should still be careful about where the vaccines are put just in case he were to get a VAS in the future. So he said that the vaccines should be put on the opposite back leg or at his amputation site since there’s no bone there anymore for a tumor to attach to. That’s no fun to think about but totally worth it.

Oh, and don’t think Sebastian is turning some new leaf where he is happy now. Nope. When we let him out of the carrier, he ran through the house complaining (seriously, it sounds like he’s cursing and back talking and it just gets quieter as he gets further away), then he got mad at the dog, and finally he demanded food. Yep, still Sebastian!

No News is Good News!

Sebastian’s 6 month ampuversary was on Wednesday. He’s doing great! Nothing new at all. He’s still cute, moody, and wants all the love (and food) he can get. I was just looking at him today and thinking that I can’t believe that 6 months ago he had a huge scar and was half bald. He looks and acts as if he has always been a tripawd!


In other news, I made these. I’m not very good at crochet and for whatever reason I find the little animals to be easiest. My father-in-law saw the green one and requested a Sebastian!