Angry Cat is Still Angry (But Healthy!)

I have been meaning to give you all a quick update on how Sebastian’s vet visit went, 1 year post amputation. I’ve been slacking but I’m here now!

Sebastian still hates the vet. No question about it. He gets really loud and flails a lot when I put him in his crate, but he’s a lot easier to capture now. Poor guy, he’s so scared. But he did great, didn’t hurt anyone, and came out with a mostly clean bill of health!

The vet tech had to put a muzzle on him (I think he scared her…he’s still got some spunk, I’m tellin you) and I guess that helped a lot. Then the doctor decided to be brave and check his teeth. They were awful…probably haven’t been checked in a couple of years because he’s so bad at the vet.

So Sebastian got to go back the next week for a teeth cleaning! A drugged up 3 legged cat is something else…I wish I took video. But now his teeth are sparkly white, his breath is so much better, and all is well!

Here’s to many more happy & healthy years!