3-Legged Cat for Hire

Sebastian has been a tripawd and cancer-free for THREE YEARS! WOOHOO!

OK, now that the celebrating is over, here’s the real reason for my post: Sebastian is looking for work. I’m not sure he knows it yet, but I’ll be sure to keep reminding him. He needs to pay off his vet bill!!! So who’s looking for a mouser? He might only be able to chase at 75% speed but I can assure you that he’s got the skills.

Just kidding. He’s retired. (Unless there really is a job out there!)

Sebastian is currently sleeping in my office (in the dog’s bed, of course) while he recovers from surgery. For the past month or two he has been having the dreaded male cat urinary problems, and it got real bad. He had 3 blockages in a week, had a catheter placed each time, and ultimately failed to stay unblocked. He had PU surgery to hopefully “cure” him. The vet calls it the sex change surgery. I guess I can finally say I have a little girl? Sorry.

The silver lining is that I’m pretty sure Sebastian can live through anything. But let’s not test that theory anymore!