OOPS…Happy 2 year ampuversary, Sebastian!

I totally missed Sebastian’s 2 year ampuversary! It was March 17th (St. Patty’s Day). I have a good excuse though, I promise. My excuse is…HE’S SO NORMAL!!

Yeah he has a limp, and I do enjoy teasing him and asking him if he lost his leg in an epic battle, but other than that…he’s a super friendly, chatty cat (with the occasional lovable bad attitude).

Also, Sebastian had his senior wellness visit a couple days ago. All is well! And he’s just barely a senior. He’ll be 9 this year.

Sitting pretty
Sitting pretty
Waiting patiently for his dinner.  Don't mind the tail of his less patient brother.
Waiting patiently for his dinner. Don’t mind the tail of his less patient brother.

I guess I should answer a question that is probably now being asked, since every person that enters my house asks it: Why are your animals drinking Orange Crush in their fountain? Because if you leave a clear bottle of water out, Sebastian bites a hole in it. No joke. Fortunately it only took one kitchen flood to figure that out.

Anyway, Sebastian sends his love!