Happy Halloween and have some photos!

Halloween is Sebastian’s favorite time of the year. Well, not really, but we can pretend! We asked Grandma to make Sebastian a costume and it ended up AMAZING!

In order to achieve these photos, which aren’t even that great, we had to bribe him and distract him with food. We also had to get the pictures quick because he was mostly interested in eating and attacking the peg-leg.


Before we tortured the poor kid, we took some nice photos. Sebastian is difficult to photograph for so many reasons:

  1. Black cats (and dogs!) always come out blurry
  2. Cats don’t do what you say, or at least not when you say to
  3. Sebastian wants rubs all.the.time

So once he stopped demanding attention, he realized what we really wanted: super cute poses, DUH!


You may notice in some of these pictures that Sebastian’s front leg is shaved. Why, you ask? Well, I did say that Sebastian likes attention. A few weeks ago we had to rush him to the emergency vet because he couldn’t go #1 and was feeling really terrible. He was crying a lot and it was absolutely heartbreaking. He also wasn’t attacking the vet which is the #1 sign that Sebastian is SICK! Fortunately the vet was able to fix him up and Sebastian was back to screaming, hissing, and growling in no time! Mom & dad are going to go broke and have a few more gray hairs, but we’ll do anything for our furry children!

Anyways, have a HOPPY HALLOWEEN everyone!