We never would have guessed this would happen

On Wednesday, March 12th, my fiance and I noticed our cat limping.  His shoulder looked very swollen.  We immediately got him in to see the vet, thinking he had hurt himself somehow.  We had no idea that less than an hour later we would be devastated with the news that our handsome, charming Sebastian has a huge, aggressive tumor and is going to lose his leg.

Sebastian is an indoor cat, and we are constantly interacting with him and our other animals, so the vet knew this tumor had practically grown over night.  He gave us the evening to digest the news with the assumption that we would be returning very soon for an amputation.  In the meantime, our vet consulted a specialist for a 2nd opinion.

After many tears, restless nights, and talking back and forth with the two vets, we have the amputation scheduled for Monday, March 17th.  So far, it doesn’t appear the cancer has spread, but it is impossible to know until the tumor is looked at.

We are devastated but so thankful that this community is here to inform and comfort us.  It’s going to be a long journey, maybe more so for us than Sebastian, but we are trying to stay positive.



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  1. Oh Sebastian, you have the cutest expressive face! I’m sorry you are going through this but so glad you found us. I don’t have any experience with Tripawd kitties, but there are some on here that are doing great! Have you seen Jill? Don’t hesitate to reach out to all of us, thats what we are here for!

  2. Hi Sebastian’s Mom,

    Welcome to Tripawds…no one really wants to join this club but we are all really glad we did.

    My tri is a nine year old chocolate lab named Tucker….he is almost six months post amputation (right front leg) and is doing great.

    There are definitely other members who will give you more information about the surgery for cats (Erica and her beauty, Jill for example) and will be able to guide you over the next little while.

    For now….snuggle Sebastian and try to treat him like you did before you knew about the horrible diagnosis. He doesn’t know he is sick….so he has none of the worries that you do 🙂

    Try to rest this weekend…..the recovery period will have ups and downs but it will get better.

    Remember….you are doing this surgery for Sebastian NOT to him…..

    Many hugs for you and your very handsome boy,

    Linda and Tucker

  3. Hello Sebastian and Family!
    I am so sorry you have to find yourself here, but you’ve come to the right place!
    I completely understand what you’re saying when you say you never would have guessed this would happen. Almost 20 months ago, I was in the same place as you. My kitty Jill developed a tumor on her toe and I, along with her vet, thought it was an infection. When it didnt get better, her vet did a needle aspirate and it came back as cancer. I’ll make a very long story short here, but her toe was then amputated and biopsied (came back as osteosarcoma, bone cancer)and then 6 months later her leg was amputated, followed by 4 rounds of chemotherapy.
    It has now been 15 months since her amputation and she is doing INCREDIBLE. She is a happy, healthy, cancer free, loving kitty.
    Dont tell our doggy friends we said this, but kittys really do INCREDIBLY well as tripawds, they recover much faster. You should definitely visit my Jill’s blog and Fang’s blog to see tons of videos and pictures of their recover (go all the way to the beginning). Reading Fang’s blog before Jill’s surgery helped me a TON.
    Also, come to the chat room if you can – there are usually a bunch of us in there at night and it helps with any questions you may have.
    Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have about kitty amputation, kitty cancer, etc. I’m happy to help!
    Erica & Jill
    Here are the blogs:
    Jill: http://jillsjourney.tripawds.com/
    Fang: http://cldavis.tripawds.com/

  4. Thank you all for your kind words and advice. I actually have seen Fang and Jill – they are why I have made this blog. The information you two have provided in your blogs has been so helpful!

    Honestly, the first thing I did when we got home from that horrible first vet appt was google 3 legged cats. And what was one of the first search results? Fang…another black cat with a tumor on his left shoulder, happily living life as a three legged cat. You have no idea how much better that made me feel (well maybe you do!). So after experiencing that bit of relief, I felt it was necessary to contribute Sebastian’s story for future tripawd parents to read.

    Thank you again,

  5. I’m so glad you found our blogs! Again let me know if you have ANY questions at all! Happy to help 🙂 Do they know what kind of tumor it is yet?

  6. We are so glad you’re here! Sorry you had to be of course, but just wanted to let you know you’re not alone. We will be here for you so please keep us posted.

    Sebastian is a real cutie. Once this ordeal is over you’ll wonder why you were ever so scared. Hang in there!

  7. Yes, yoj are n THE best place for support and information.

    Remember,yo are doing this FOR Sebastian… not TO him! And as you’ve seen from all the videos, that handsome Sebastian will get around jjust fine!

    You are a good advocate for Sebastian snd he’s very lucky to have you n his corner. Remember, Sebastian doesn’t give a rip about any ole’ prognosis or upcoming amputation date! He’s just happy getting all the loving amd spoiling you two are giving him!

    I know you’re anxious and scared. We’re all nere for you. We j derstand. Stay connected tos and we’ll helpyou get through this, okay?

    awould love to see more pictures of Sebastian when you can!

    Hugs to all!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  8. I agree Sebastion is quite handsome. Love his eyes. Welcome! This site has been such a help to me over the past 2 months. My tripaweds is an 8 year old Black Lab, front leg due to a histeosarcoma. We are 6 weeks out. I would also think cats would adapt quite well , as they are quite agile. He will probably still be able to jump on the counter 🙂 this site is so supportive and is a great place for advice, comfort and sometimes just to vent.

    XO Lori and Ty

  9. Welcome to the Tripawd Community.
    I am so sorry to hear about your baby Sebastian. Unfortunately, everyone here understands what you are going through exactly.
    I too found a tumor on my little Chihuahua’s leg just 3 weeks ago. Her amputation was on Monday, March 10. She has been recovering just fine! It has been rough these last few days, but this communities’ knowledge and support has been the biggest blessing of this whole process. Hop on over to the discussion forms to ask as many questions as you need. No question is too silly. We probably have asked them all ourselves at one time.
    Please remember that Sebastian doesn’t know anything about his tumor or about his upcoming surgery tomorrow. He only lives in the moment. Just keep him as happy as you can with lots of snuggles and kisses like you have always d0ne. He is so lucky to have you as a mom that cares so much for him. He will do great as a Tripawd!!! I’ve heard from kittly Jill that cats recover so quickly! This time next week you will be where I am in our recovery process and will be encouraging others to stay strong.
    Just breathe… Be in the moment with precious Sebastian.
    Lots of Hugs!!
    Samantha and Tripawd Abbee

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