My brother doesn’t feel good :(

Sebastian’s doggy brother is very sick and in the hospital today 🙁 If anyone will understand the pain and anxiety, it’s all of you. Fingers crossed and lots of well wishes from Sebastian (we’ll pretend he understands!).

Arthas and Sebastian "sharing" a bed
Arthas and Sebastian “sharing” a bed

6 thoughts on “My brother doesn’t feel good :(”

  1. Really, reallly hoping for a full recovery. Your pup is a very handsome boy!

    Try not to worry…yeah…right!! He looks like a tough pup and ready for a fight to ull through.

    Sending love and hugs! We’re here for you.

    Sally and Happy’Hannah

  2. Oh, I hope he feels better soon. What a beautiful boy he is. Sending thoughts and prayers to you! Love from, Lori and TY

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