5 thoughts on “ZzzzzzZzzzzzzzZzzz”

  1. Now that is oe content kitty,!!!!! ADORABLE! Thanks for the smiles!

    Makes want to curl up and take a nap right beside him!


    Sally and Happy Hannah

  2. Makes me want to go up to him with lots of cuddles and belly rubs and smooches, waking him up. And, if he’s like my girls and little man, making him cranky. But sometimes they are so darn cute you can’t help it.

  3. Mona thanks you for the welcome Jenn! I’m sure we can learn from Sebastian.

    Like you Jenn, I have a fondness for black cats, partially because they tend to be unwanted. I also have a black short-hair male, Eli, like Sebastian (who, by the way, is stunningly handsome). Eli is sweet to Mona and she hits him on the head. When she had her leg removed I told the vet that at least Eli won’t get hit anymore. The vet said she’ll find a way and of course she has!

    I will add more info and photos of Mona and her progress. I’ll also sneak in a photo of Eli. When Mona got home from surgery he laid 2 feet away from her like a Pharoah cat protector. He never faced her, just had his side to her her – very touching.

    Kerren and Mona

    1. Oh how sweet Eli is. I love it. My 3 boys don’t always get along but when Sebastian had his surgery they kept an eye on him and I certainly saw the love.

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