Angry Cat is Still Angry (But Healthy!)

I have been meaning to give you all a quick update on how Sebastian’s vet visit went, 1 year post amputation. I’ve been slacking but I’m here now!

Sebastian still hates the vet. No question about it. He gets really loud and flails a lot when I put him in his crate, but he’s a lot easier to capture now. Poor guy, he’s so scared. But he did great, didn’t hurt anyone, and came out with a mostly clean bill of health!

The vet tech had to put a muzzle on him (I think he scared her…he’s still got some spunk, I’m tellin you) and I guess that helped a lot. Then the doctor decided to be brave and check his teeth. They were awful…probably haven’t been checked in a couple of years because he’s so bad at the vet.

So Sebastian got to go back the next week for a teeth cleaning! A drugged up 3 legged cat is something else…I wish I took video. But now his teeth are sparkly white, his breath is so much better, and all is well!

Here’s to many more happy & healthy years!

2 thoughts on “Angry Cat is Still Angry (But Healthy!)”

  1. Yay for Angry Sebastian! Wowwweee! A year already? Well congratulations my friend, I think your spitfire attitude is what’s given you the spunk to kick butt on 3!

    We want pics! We want pics!


    A d congratulations on your pretty sparkling smile! Although, I don’t think you smile very much!!

    Good to hear from you and to know everything is okay!!

    I just saw your picture on the other post. Nope, you aren’t exactly “smiling”!

    Ear scratches to all and ice cream for your INE YEAR AMPUVERSARY and good bill of health!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

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