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Sebastian's Story

A three legged, still shockingly handsome, black cat.

Sebastian's Story

Today’s the Day

March 17th, 2014 · 6 Comments · Uncategorized

Leaving for the surgery shortly.  Here’s the handsome man:



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  • rica55

    GOOD LUCK!!! Keep us posted!

  • elizabeth

    Good Luck Sebastian!!!

  • sebastian

    The surgeon called and said all went well. He said Sebastian will be drugged up heavily tonight. I will call later and check up on him. The dr said he is pretty grumpy being in the hospital (I’m sure that’s an understatement) so he would like to get him out of there as soon as he is doing well enough. Sounds like if he gets an A+ report card he might come home tomorrow.

    WHEW. One hurdle down, one to go…pathology. You guys have made me feel so good about the recovery process that I’m not even counting that as a hurdle!

  • jerry

    Yay Sebastian! Glad that things went well. I hope you’re feeling really good and can come home soon. You’re gonna do GREAT, I know it!

  • Angela

    Glad he made it through surgery! Praying he comes home tomorrow and is feeling better!

    Cody and Family

  • elizabeth

    Great news! Way to go Sebastian!

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