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Sebastian's Story

A three legged, still shockingly handsome, black cat.

Sebastian's Story

Day 5 – Pictures

March 23rd, 2014 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

Sebastian is still doing pretty good.  His incision looks great, at least to my untrained eyes.  He’s eating, drinking, and even going #2 (that took a few days).  The vet gave him pain meds before he was released and said they would wear off in 3 days.  I think they have worn off because he seems to be sleeping more.  He’s still in a reasonably good mood though.

I wanted to share some more post-surgery photos with you all.  It has been hard to get decent pictures with him sleeping all the time and with the big e-collar on his head.

These collars are sooo much better than the cones.

These collars are sooo much better than the cones, but still ridiculous.

The stitches aren't pretty, but we were a little more prepared after seeing photos of other tripawd cats.

The stitches weren’t as scary since we saw other tripawd cat pictures first.

He was snoring

Chubby cat sleeping,  He was snoring.

His brothers were being supportive and snoozing nearby.

His brothers were being supportive and snoozing nearby.


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  • rica55

    Awwww Sebastian! You are lookin GREAT buddy!!! Rest up…you’ll be up to your old antics in NO time!!!

  • benny55

    Awwwww Sebastian… make “cones” look good! That ole’ thing will be off before you kmow it! I think your brothers should wear ne as a sign of solidarity!

    You keep resring up good…..recovering from major surgery is nompicnic,that’s for sure. Slowly but surely, you’ll be getting your sparkle back and enjoying all that loving and spoiling even more!

    Keep us posted AND keep those pics coming of your handsome “kitty pack”!


    Sally and Happy Hannah

  • jerry

    Oh Sweet Sebastian, I can tell you are looking better with each new day. Hope you have a great week!

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