Biopsy Results

The doctor called me this morning with the biopsy results.  Sebastian’s tumor was a malignant, locally invasive osteochondrosarcoma.  That means it was a mix of bone tumor (osteo) and cartilage tumor (chondro).  He said the malignancy level was low and it does not appear to have spread, though of course there are no guarantees.  His lungs, liver, and other bloodwork were checked 3 days before the amputation and there were no signs of cancer.  It also sounds like osteosarcomas do not spread in cats the way they do in dogs.

The doctor is happy with that.  I’m happy with that.  Of course I would have been happier with “it’s benign!” but everyone was pretty convinced it was malignant from day 1.

This also tells us that this is NOT a Vaccine Associated Sarcoma.   Hearing that makes me feel better because while I’m still sad that Sebastian didn’t do anything to deserve this, at least it wasn’t anyone else’s fault either.  It happens.  We deal with it.

So I’ll take it!! We will hope that Sebastian lives a long, healthy, happy, cancer-free life and be super, super cautious of his health.  I’ll probably call the vet if he so much as sneezes.

P.S.  Sebastian is back to eating like normal.  And he wants to play a lot.  I ordered him a Kong Kickeroo and it should get here tomorrow.  I think that will be a more appropriate toy until he can do some serious running around.

2 thoughts on “Biopsy Results”

  1. Way to go Sebastian! I hear ya on the watching thing. If Jill so much as looks at me funny I call the vet. Jill’s cancer is osteosarcoma, so just the bone cancer part and yes it is much much more rare to spread in kitties. Let me know if you have any questions at all!!
    Erica & Jill

  2. Sebastians gonna love his Kong Kickeroo…hope you post a picture!

    Sounds like he’s doing well nd it only gets better!!

    Yeah, a sneeze, a cough, anitch…we al go bonkers at first! Then we settle down and realize a sneeze is just a sneeze…an itchnis just an itch, etc. Then you just settlein and enjoy the blissof being withnyur Sebastian!

    Hugs to all!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

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