Tripawds Rule!

Look what came in the mail! A Tripawds Rule bandana! Obviously a cat isn’t going to rock a bandana for too long, especially if that cat’s name is Sebastian. Instead, Arthas is proud to support his lil bro!


And here’s how it went when I tried to get Sebastian to pose with it for just a minute!



3 thoughts on “Tripawds Rule!”

  1. Oh Sebastian…you look so handsome in your bandanna – but I think you could easily get it off even though you only have one front leg 🙂

    Linda and Tucker 🙂

  2. Sebastian!! Are you really Houdini reincarnated?? That’s quite a magic trick slipping out of that bandanna young man…..and with just one front leg?? IMPRESSIVE!

    Arthas, you are rockin’ that bandanna! And it’s mighty kind of you to support your brother !

    Glad Sebastian is feeling so good and looking so good! Keep these good updates coming!

    ((((((((((hugs to all))))))))))

    Sally and Happy Hannah

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