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Sebastian's Story

April, 2014 Archive

Apr 29

Look what came in the mail! A Tripawds Rule bandana! Obviously a cat isn’t going to rock a bandana for too long, especially if that cat’s name is Sebastian. Instead, Arthas is proud to support his lil bro! And here’s how it went when I tried to get Sebastian to pose with it for just […]

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Apr 23

Happy Tuesday everyone! Tonight I bring you a picture and an interesting tid-bit. Front-amp tripawd kitties put their one foot in the center of their bodies. I saw that on someone else’s blog (I forget which)…and here is Sebastian doing the same! He also stands with it in the middle.

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Apr 17

It has been a month and 3 days since Sebastian’s amputation, and almost a week of normal activity for him.  He’s doing great, honestly, though there have been some hiccups with his diet, lack of balance, etc.  But he’s happy and being goofy like usual (and still a little angry, as usual). Our surgeon’s recovery […]

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Apr 11

Sebastian is CLEARED for normal activity!  Woohoo!!!  And, I just had to make this video.  He is the best cat ever.

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Apr 02

The doctor called me this morning with the biopsy results.  Sebastian’s tumor was a malignant, locally invasive osteochondrosarcoma.  That means it was a mix of bone tumor (osteo) and cartilage tumor (chondro).  He said the malignancy level was low and it does not appear to have spread, though of course there are no guarantees.  His […]

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